Imagine a world where data extraction is completely autonomous & error-free across documents - that is what LitmusEye is working on.

We are using our AI-first proprietary tech stack to build a single source of truth for overworked Finance & Procurement teams. 

Meet The Team


Nikhil Sharma

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Nikhil is the CEO at LitmusEye, and has 10+ years of Enterprise experience. He started his career and spent half a decade at Goldman Sachs, moving on to being the 1st Employee at Credy (YCombinator, Khosla Ventures) and was a part of the Core Team, heading Operations and Enterprise Sales at Loconav (Sequoia India, Quiet Capital, Anthemis Group) 


Manasa Nadipally

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Manasa Nadipally, the CTO at Litmuseye, is one of the few pioneers in combining traditional Computer Vision techniques with Deep Learning and holds a PhD in it, with 15 publications in reputed journals, 2 books to her credit; her work has been extensively cited. She has been a successful founder-consultant, built and deployed multiple products across IT-Healthcare, Manufacturing and Automobile industries.

Solution for overworked Finance & Procurement Teams

We are a team of Computer Vision and Business experts who are looking to solve your problems.